Meet the Föm Maniacs

Who are we?

Basically, we’re big kids at heart – with the ultimate dream job – we’re toy designers! We’re maniacs for all things extra, which is why the Föm Mania line is designed for kids and families who are extra bold, extra epic, and extra fun.

In addition to edgy product outlooks and unmatched product performance, our Föm Mania products run on battery-power so kids can play their way, anywhere and anytime they want.

Stress about mess? We do too. That’s why our foam dissolves on its own – for clean-up-free fun.

Worry about getting foam in your eyes? Our foam concentrate uses a tear-free formula – so you can unleash the foam without tears.

We’re the OG Föm Maniacs and we’re inviting all of you to help spread the foam. So grab a Fömilator or a Fömalanche and #FömOrBeFömed!

Don’t forget to share the foam love and tag us on social @fom.mania!